February 21, 2023 9:24 pm

Ben Marshman was so impressed with Flexi-Coil’s new 6100 Precision Disc™ Drill that he bought a 60ft drill and a Flexi-Coil 4460 air cart after trialling them last year.

The South Australian broadacre grower made the switch to Flexi-Coil after 19 years of disc seeding with other branded machines and said the Flexi-Coil 6100 Precision Disc Drill delivers excellent crop establishment in difficult conditions.

Ben grows durum wheat, faba beans, bread wheat, canola, chickpeas and lentils at his family’s 3,200-hectare operation in the Owen area, in conditions ranging from sandy loam to black cracking clay and sees annual rainfall from 420mm to 550mm.

“The 6100 performed really well in both wet and dry soils. We sow wheat on wheat, and I was impressed by the way the 6100 cut through the stubble.” Ben said.

“We grow a range of crops and dry sow a lot of canola and beans, so I was pleased with the 6100’s simple design and fast adjustments, which means we can easily adjust row width and seed depth for different crops.”

Ben said he is looking forward to seeing big productivity gains this season with his new Flexi-Coil 6100 Precision Disc Drill and 4460 air cart combination and is expecting to seed upwards of 20 hectares per hour.

Flexi-Coil Territory Manager, Gilbert Gay, agrees the Flexi-Coil 6100 Precision Disc Drill is an ideal choice for rugged terrain like Ben’s and explained the disc system is designed to maximise productivity, regardless of the residue conditions you have or the crops you plant.

“The 6100 provides minimal soil disturbance, which is critical when it comes to dry country, where soil drift is problematic. Growers can leave trash on the ground from last season, which helps keeps the moisture in to protect the soil.” Gilbert said.

The Flexi-Coil 6100 Precision Disc Drill gives crops the best chance of reaching their full yield potential. Forward facing seed tubes slow the seed down and help ensure it stays in the row and a parallel-link system ensures even depth placement in all terrains.

“We’re really proud to add such an impressive disc drill to our fleet of drills. This machine requires less horsepower to pull than some of the alternatives on the market, which helps growers save on fuel costs.”

Flexi-Coil 6100 Precision Disc Drill is available is 30 ft, 40 ft, 50 ft and 60 ft lengths, in tow behind or tow between configurations.