January 2, 2023 2:24 pm

Case IH track technology innovation goes back to 1996 with the introduction of our Steiger Quadtracs. We’ve expanded on this with the introduction of the Steiger Rowtrac, Magnum Rowtrac and even a track option on the Axial-Flow Combine.

This experience and understanding is unsurpassed. It’s the reason Case IH remains the track technology leader.

Steiger Quadtrac Tractors

The four individually driven, oscillating tracks of a Steiger Quadtrac give you greater ground contact that rubber tyres or two-track systems could never match. The result strikes a balance between productivity and efficiency you also won’t find anywhere else. Better traction and less slippage. Greater flotation and reduced compaction. It’s a design with a clean and proven competitive advantage. The four tracks of a Steiger Quadtrac distribute weight more evenly and efficiently than two-track systems, reducing compaction. That leads to numerous benefits like better flotation and traction, and easier transport. That’s because Quadtrac distributes loads evenly across the length of each track – even with the added weight of a load putting force onto the rear tracks. Delivering more usable power you can depend on is possible because of the exclusive Quadtrac positive-drive design. Lugs that interlock with bars on the drive wheel and track. That’s because a positive drive is continuous at all times, even in a wet or slippery spot. The Steiger Quadtrac positive drive adjusts automatically under transport or light loads that reduce wear, friction and heat – and increases durability.